Luxury Car Rental Dubai

Our car rental agency is a perfect spot for hiring a top-notch vehicle in the UAE. We provide our new and loyal customers with beneficial offers for daily, weekly, and longer luxury car rental in Dubai. With us, you can be sure to get the most suitable conditions and the most affordable prices. One should just follow a couple of no-fuss steps online and receive a rental vehicle of the top class for the needed period.

We see our mission in assisting people in choosing the right make and model up to their needs and purposes. Our rental professionals will not conceal any information and will do their best to show you all the available vehicles that may meet your requirements. Rent a luxury automobile now at the most moderate prices!

How to Rent a Car Dubai

Everyone should have a remarkable and delightful experience of Dubai car rental with round-the-clock friendly customer care and all the aspects of the booking agreement taken care of. Therefore, we cooperate only with top-notch reputable suppliers. Besides, our agency staff is courteous and helpful, with in-depth expertise in the field. So, booking an automobile here will be truly stressless and trouble-free.

Our company offers a practical, comfortable and elegant way to hire a car at any location in Dubai and at any time.

The luxury car rental service Dubai, provided by our auto hire agency, has the best rates and the most convenient conditions ever. It is the most effortless to book right now online and pay when the selected option is delivered to you. Visit the suitable website link and rent a vehicle in a few clicks!

How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent a Car in Dubai?

We value your time and will be glad to provide an informative consultation concerning all the luxury rental requirements and conditions you should consider before starting a car booking process. One of the main rules is the age limit. If you decide you need to hire an automobile for professional or personal purposes in Dubai, remember that you must be at least 18 years old to have the right to drive a car. To become a rentee, you need to meet the age limit that is even higher - more than 21.

Some luxury options are offered only at 25+. So, please, check the age rental terms of the preferable model beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee that hiring a top-of-the-line vehicle at the luxury car rental in Dubai will be no more complicated than calling a taxi. State your preferences and requirements while making an order online or consult our support specialists, and we'll try to make this process 100% hassle-free. Some of the most often asked questions are answered below.

What do I need to rent a car and drive in Dubai?

There are different papers required for local rentees and Dubai visitors, and you should take it into consideration when you decide to hire a lux vehicle. Dubai residents need copies of their passport/ Emirates ID, visa, and current driving license. Tourists' list of documents includes the following papers:

  • passport
  • visa
  • driving permit & home-country license.

US residents also have an opportunity to book a vehicle having a valid US license. As for the citizens of other countries, one had better check if their local licenses are suitable for driving in Dubai.

Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

A security deposit is a definite amount of money held by a rental agency until a renter returns a car after the booking period. The deposit should be paid in advance to guarantee the duties and responsibilities of a Dubai luxury car rental company and a renter. The company can use the money to cover unexpected charges for damages and fines.

The final sum of the deposit is influenced by the period & return date, model (and ts booking price), and other conditions.

What is parking like in Dubai?

Dubai parking, in general, is simple. There are multiple parking lots and places around the city, especially the popular ones. So, it's usually comparatively easy to find a comfortable spot. At the top sights, one can leave a transport at the car park. Most malls also have free-of-charge parking lots. However, you should check the price options beforehand, as at some places, the fee may be as high as 20 AED per hour.

What is the mileage limit? What happens if I exceed it?

The mileage limit of luxury car rental Dubai usually incorporates the needs of most customers. Some rental agencies offer unlimited mileage. However, exceptions are also possible subject to car fleet, location, and hire period.

If one exceeds the limit, as a rule, they will have to pay a certain fee per extra kilometer. If you want to avoid additional charges, it's better to plan a route thoroughly.